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Piston F-28F & 280FX

Enstrom’s piston-powered “Falcon” F-28F and “Shark” 280FX are nicknamed for their sleek aerodynamic styling. With power, aggressiveness and superior handling agility, the same could describe each aircraft’s overall performance. Add Enstrom’s reputation for safety, value and low maintenance costs, and you’ll discover why we set the standard in the light helicopter market.

Both the Falcon and Shark models deliver sports car handling to the piston-powered helicopter segment with excellent performance, an enviable safety record and low direct operating costs. The turbo-charged power plant provides excellent high altitude performance. Stability and safety are delivered through our high inertia, fully articulated rotor system, which provides an unusually smooth ride and exceptional autorotative capabilities. Our unblocked tail rotor provides exceptional yaw control in the windiest conditions. Plus, comfort is king in our spacious cabin with NASA inspired seating.

The Falcon and Shark features include:

  • Roomy cabin for 2-3 people
  • Custom paint designs with unlimited color schemes
  • Powerful, turbo charged, Textron Lycoming HIO-360-F1AD engine
  • 240º pilot visibility with chin and overhead windows
  • High skids allow for police, medical and military equipment
  • Low maintenance with excellent parts availability
  • High-inertia rotor system greatly benefits auto rotation capability
  • Unblocked tail rotor provides excellent control in high winds from any angle
  • Excellent Hot and High Performance

Enstrom Helicopters have made their unique mark all over the world–offering safety, value and reliability for military pilot training, speed and agility for law enforcement and emergency medical use, and workhorse capabilities for the commercial and agriculture markets. In addition to this functionality, Enstrom builds a fun helicopter to fly for the private pilot. All Enstroms are proudly made in the USA with domestic parts and labor.


Imagine yourself in an Enstrom! Click on a thumbnail to view larger image. You can also view and comment on the photos via Flickr (Falcon F-28-F & Shark 280FX).

Falcon F-28F

Shark 280FX


Lets get down to business with the nuts and bolts of performance, comfort and value.

Enstrom F-28F Specifications / Enstrom 280FX Specifications

Enstrom 280FX & F28F Direct Operating Cost



We will fully customize your Enstrom to make it functional to your specific needs. We have equipped fleets of aircraft to stringent Military, Government and law enforcement regulations. See our list of standard options below or contact us for custom requirements.

Optional Equipment