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Turbine 480B

The Enstrom 480B is our flagship aircraft. Developed to US Army New Training Helicopter (NTH) requirements, this aircraft is known for its reputation in safety, stability, comfort and value. The 480B combines power and weight with light agility at the controls. Experienced pilots attest to its unparalleled stability and solid craftsmanship.

Leading the light single turbine class in safety, performance and versatility, the Enstrom 480B has also won its stripes for value. With the fewest number of retirement items and no airframe life limit, our 480Bs have lower direct operating costs and spend less time on the ground.

ENSTROM 480B features:

  • Energy absorbing landing gear
  • Roomy 5 seat cabin configuration with litter carrying capabilities
  • Custom paint designs with virtually unlimited color schemes
  • Powerful Rolls Royce 250 C20w turbine engine
  • 240º pilot visibility with chin and overhead windows
  • High skids allow for police, agricultural spray and military equipment
  • High-inertia rotor system greatly benefits auto rotation capability
  • Unblocked tail rotor provides excellent control in high winds from any angle
  • Good Hot and High Performance
  • Low maintenance with excellent parts availability

Enstrom Helicopters have made their unique mark all over the world–offering safety, value and reliability for military pilot training, speed and agility for law enforcement and emergency medical use, and workhorse capabilities for the commercial and agriculture markets. In addition to this functionality, Enstrom builds a fun helicopter to fly for the private pilot. All Enstroms are proudly made in the USA with domestic parts and labor.


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Lets get down to business with the nuts and bolts of performance, comfort and value.


We will fully customize your Enstrom to make it functional to your specific needs. We have equipped fleets of aircraft to stringent commercial, military and law enforcement regulations. See our list of standard options below or contact us for custom requirements.

Optional Equipment


The 480B-G is equipped with the Garmin G1000H glass cockpit. This world-class avionics suite offers safety, efficiency, and reliability through increased situational awareness.